Coromandel Peninsula – a perfect drive away escape from Auckland

by Payal Arora

Travelling to New Zealand for a holiday and need a getaway to explore this amazing country? Living in North Island of New Zealand and need to bunk your routine? Or is there a special occasion and you need to elope? Coromandel is a perfect place to escape for a holiday or a getaway. The place has so much to offer. Beautiful lush nature, breathtaking beaches, hot water beach (woaah), scenic drive & my all-time favourite traditional cafes (I am a coffee addict and a fan of visiting local cafes wherever I go so this is important!)

Coromandel is a coastal town on the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand’s North Island and 2.5 hours from Auckland central and the drive is worth every minute! There are mountains on a side and beautiful coast on the other. It offers some of the most stunning beaches in New Zealand.

My recommended things to do:

  • Cathedral cove: Cathedral Cove is one of New Zealand’s renowned natural icons. There are several scenic tracks in the reserve, which includes 2hr return walk to Cathedral Cove track which I would highly recommended. With white sand over white rock formations over clear turquoise waters, this is definitely the biggest attraction of the Coromandel.
  • Hot Pool Water Beach: Famous during the low tide; being in New Zealand you cannot miss this truly Kiwi experience. The Hot Water Beach is famous to find hot water bubbling through the golden sand. You can dig your own spa pool and relax you’re your friends or the special one in the natural spring. This is one experience that should be on your bucket list.

  • Thames Coastal Walkway: The coastal walkway is an easy 5 km. This is a great walkway to explore whole of the Thames by foot. Coromandel region is known for its mining history where you can find lots of Swing bridges, tunnels, railways and rusty mining equipment. You can explore and learn more about its gold mining history and the fascinating life of the pioneers that populated the area.

  • New Chums Beach: I cannot stress much about this golden sand beach with unbelievably clear water and sheltered by native forest. New Chums Beach, located in the Wainuiototo Bay, is only a short drive. This is voted as top 10 beaches in New Zealand and is a must visit when in coromandel.
New chums beach - Coromandel
  • Experience Paddle Board or Kayaking at Sunrise: Get up early before everyone and enjoy the stillness and serenity of the water at Shelly Beach. It is the perfect spot to jump on a paddle board and zip around the coastline. 
  • Hike to the Pinnacles: If you are a hiker and enjoy walks, this is one of the most famous in New Zealand with stunning views of whole coromandel peninsula. It is also called Kauaeranga Kauri Trail and can be done in a day but is better if you have 2 days. You can stay at the Pinnacles hut on top and catch an early morning sunrise with spectacular views from top and hike down.
Pinnacles walk - Coromandel

I feel lucky to be living in one of the most beautiful country, New Zealand, which has so much beauty and nature to offer everywhere you go. Coromandel is one of such town that you cannot take your eyes off. There is really a lot that you can do here. So, plan well, take those hiking shoes out and enjoy the beautiful everything the place has to offer!!

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