Top tips for first time travellers to Tokyo, Japan

by Kern

Ever wanted to visit Tokyo. Well, we’ve compiled an essential list of top tips, to ensure you have the most enjoyable time, in the wondrous city of Tokyo.Β So for a first-time traveler, Tokyo is an experience like any other, for one, it’s the largest city in the world and its easy to perhaps lose your way.

So let’s get into it:

here are your top tips for exploring Tokyo:

1) Although Japan as a whole is a multicultural city, not everyone speaks English. Here are a few phrases that could help you ease into your surroundings:

  • “Sumimasen” β€œExcuse me/Sorry”
  • “Arigatou” β€œThank you” (informal)
  • “Konichiwa” β€œHello”
  • “Oishi” β€œDelicious”

2) take some time to get a map, and study the basic area you will be staying in. A lot of Tokyo can look the same, especially with all the lights shining. A good idea would be to grab a Map of the rail system. With millions of people using it every day, it can be confusing

3) Keep left when walking, this includes streets, stairs, subways and escalators

4) Keep your details on you at all times, Get them printed out in Japanese, in case you need to ask for help

5) People are generally quiet, try not to be too loud on trains, buses or public transport

6) Take off your shoes, when entering someone’s house

7) Tokyo rains often, If you’re going to be out the whole day, ask your hotel if you can borrow an umbrella or get one at a dollar store.

8) If you are being stared at a little too much, it may be because of your tattoos. In Tokyo Japan tattoos generally have a negative attraction, so if staring annoys you, maybe cover them up for your trip.

9) Some small restaurants or boutique bars may have a seat charge, ask them before you take a table..

10) Always keep some cash on hand, ATMs are hard to find, and some may not accept foreign cards.

11) Death is associated with the colors black and white. Mix and match your wardrobe to avoid scaring off the locals

12) Don’tblow your nose loudly in Tokyo, its seen as a no-no (here is a list of other cultural dont’s)

20 tips to help first time travelers to Tokyo, Japan Artventured travel blog

13) Write down your food allergies in Japanese if you have any, this will save you tons of time trying to communicate to a chef or restaurant in broken Japanese

14) Rent bicycles to get around, they are cheap and there are tons of small streets and alleys for you to explore

15) Don’t talk on your phone loudly in a crowded area, this is another cultural don’t.

16) Pack light if your planning on the subway, room is limited and carrying 30kg of luggage onto the train will not go down well

17) If you love shopping go see the wonder malls and markets, prepare to have your mind blown, you can find anything…

18) tips are not required for such a clean city, trashcans can be hard to find, carry a plastic bag on your for your rubbish

And lastly there is so much to do in Tokyo, take some time to plan your trip before you arrive, as your days will be limited, and there is no way you can fit in all its activities.


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