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by Lalit

Waihi the town of wonder that should not be missed by any traveler. This sumptuous town is situated between the Coromandel Peninsula and the Bay of Plenty. If you are longing for a North Island Road itinerary then this town is the perfect pitstop.

The Waihi is not just a stunning place but even the finest blend of history and breathtaking landscape. Along with these traits the town of Waihi even grants the visitors many amazing things to do as well.

Starting from historical places to serene beaches there is everything for visitors who admire history and adventure. Perhaps, if you are amid them then here is a list of things that you can do in Waihi.

Here you go!

Explore The Karangahake Gorge

The Karangahake Gorge is where you will find the finest amalgam of history and epic landscape. The place gives visitors the absolute aura of what it would have been like to work underground at Mount Karangahake.

Moreover, walking along this Gorge, you will come across the mining tunnels, bridges and even figure out relics that are 100 years old. Perhaps, it is a natural landscape and you will surely find the walls of the gorge covered with thick native forest and stream of waterfalls.

Doesn’t this landscape sound splendid? yes, it surely does and that the reason behind it being voted as the 101 Must Do’s for Kiwis!

Walk Along The Orokawa Bay

If you are someone who loves hiking by the coast then Waihi has the best place stored for you. you will have the best walk by the Orokawa Bay. It will hardly take 30 minutes for a one-way walk from the northern end of Waihi to the lonely and tranquil Orokawa Bay.

This half an hour walk will grant you the expansive view of the Pacific Ocean and Waihi Beach. The most intriguing part of this hiking is the spectacular 28 meters high waterfall. From the Orokawa Bay, it is just 40 minutes’ walk to the view.

However, if you think that you might get lost in the quest of finding the waterfall then you are wrong. There are markers from the Bay to the waterfall in order to have easy access. Therefore, if you want to have a relaxing time in Waihi then this is surely the best place to spend some time.

Relish The View Of Owharoa Falls

The Owharoa Falls is a series of three waterfalls which is just a couple of kilometers away from the Karangahake Gorge. The first and third waterfalls are accessible but it is hard to reach the second one and you can only view it from the road.

We would only recommend you to head towards the second waterfall if you are an experienced hiker. This place is filled with extraordinary beauty and splendid surroundings.

However, you can even spend some relaxing time swimming as there is a swimming spot but care must be taken as the spot is prone to strong current, slippery rocks and deep holes. But if you are not interested in swimming then all you can do is just sit and enjoy the beauty that nature holds.

Head To The Mount Te Aroha Summit

This is yet another exciting spot in Waihi. Mokena Geyser in Te Aroha Domain is the place from where the summit track starts. However, it quickly ascents to the Whakapipi Lookout.

Standing on that particular point you will encounter the panoramic view of the Hauraki Plains. The hike from the Geyser to the Looking will take around 45 minutes and from there it takes another two hours to reach the actual summit.

Moreover, from the summit, you will be able to attain a 360-degree view of the Waikato, Mt Ruapehu, Mt Taranaki and Mt Ngauruhoe on a clear day. Perhaps, if you are a passionate hiker who loves to go on an adventurous trip then nothing can be better than heading to Mount Te Aroha Summit.

Go On The Waihi Gold Mine Tour

Discover the literally golden history of Waihi with the Waihi Gold Mine Tour. This tour offers visitors the opportunity to know about the historic and current gold mining stories. It is a guided tour and you will be about to find a wealth of knowledge about the Martha Mines.

 Pay keen attention while the guides share the stories and information about the gold industries of Waihi. On this tour, you will even see the machinery that is used to extract the hidden treasures. If you think that it is the end of the tour then wait for a few more minutes as the exciting part is yet to come.

After you have witnessed everything in the Martha Mines, it is now the time to move near the Cornish Pumphouse and hand over your safety equipment to hear the humorous stories of brave characters who have worked in the mines over the years.

Soon after that is the time to witness the stage of the process from extraction to crushing to final processing. You can now grab your camera and take photos in order to store memories of the extraordinary tour.

Visit The Victoria Battery

After the Waihi Gold Mine tour, you can straight away head to the Victoria Battery. This place in Waihi is even related to Gold mining and visiting this place is now being considered as one of the best things to do in Waihi.

Back in 1896, this place has heard crushing of more than 800 tones of gold-bearing stones per day. This place was the largest Quartz crushing plant during that period of time.

While you head to this place today, you will find the remaining foundations and the Goldfield Railway where guided tours take place departing from Waikino Station.

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