Visiting Mississippi for the first time

by Kern

Moving to Gulfport, Mississippi may not seem like an interesting idea, but that’s only on the surface. If you start exploring this wonderful city, you will soon discover all the riches and beauties it offers. The entire experience might be even better if you are visiting Mississippi for the first time. Whenever you are going to any place for the first time, there are plenty of things to see and do. With that in mind, I have decided to take you on a fantastic journey to Magnolia State.

Why Mississippi?

With so many beautiful places to visit around the world, one might ask why Mississippi is such a good option. Buckle up, because this ride might be more interesting than you think. The first reason why I am taking you to Mississippi is something that moves every soul on the planet.

The music

Mississippi is the birthplace of American music. The roots of blues, rock, country, and folk music are right here. If you wish to experience the true feeling and emotion that music from this area represents, visiting Mississippi is definitely for you.
You will hear the old tales of the origin of blues and breathe in the essence of some of the best musicians of all times. Do not miss events like Jackson Indie Music Week, or the Mighty Mississippi Music Festival. They are the true proof that music still lives in the souls of the people.

If you are more into the historic and cultural side of music, pay a visit to The Delta Blues Museum, or The Birthplace of Elvis Presley.

However, the crown jewel of Mississippi’s music scene is the exotic and interesting nightlife. With so many music bars around, the choice may be difficult. No matter where you go, the captivating spirit of the music, pool players, refreshing cocktails and tasty, domestic food will leave an impression to remember.
The museums and institutes

Although the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Mississippi is the music, there is so much more this amazing state offers. If you are visiting Mississippi for the first time, you must allocate some time to explore the museums and institutes. The culture and history of Mississippi are rich with science, art, and education, and you won’t be disappointed with the array of amazing places to see.

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

One of the main Gulfport attractions is the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies. The Gulf Coast has an abundance of remarkable species to show. While it conducts research on marine mammal biology and ecology, it also provides care for injured animals. For those who have a more experimental nature, the Center for Marine Education and Research offers an opportunity to visit a fossil dig and touch pools or meet dolphins and many more marine mammals.

Stennis Space Center

Gulfport also has an amazing NASA facility, called the Stennis Space Center. If you are a space lover and enthusiast, a visit to this place is a must. The complex dates back to 1960, and it played a major part in the Apollo space project. Today, they conduct certification and the testing of rocket propulsion systems. While not all parts of the center are open for the public, there is an area dedicated to visitors. The INFINITY Science Center offers an insight into the history of space exploration, STEM research, and many other interesting topics. The best part is the bus tour that takes visitors to the parts of the Stennis Space Center that are open for everyone.

Entertainment for children

If that wasn’t enough, I bet a few of my next suggestions will make you immediately look for assistance for your relocation to Gulfport! If you are moving with your family, here are a few places where you must take your children.

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Visiting Mississippi for the first time wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport. A truly amazing place to see, this children’s museum promotes education and learning through a series of fun, engaging, and interactive exhibits. The museum is divided into sections, each with its own theme. Play with your children and learn together about art, cooking, animals, the Gulf port, science, and history. Each of these sections has competitions and classes where families can participate and compete. Last, but not least, children can borrow books from an outdoor library and read about their favorite topics.

Gulf Islands Water Park

If your children prefer a more playful and summer-oriented way of fun, Gulf Islands Water Park is a must. This huge waterpark and recreation center has miles of the craziest waterslides. Furthermore, it offers many exciting programs for the entire family. Why not have some fun in the sun, and bond with your loved ones over a cold, refreshing juice, while splashing in the pool. For those who are more adventurous, let the adrenalin rush hit you as you are dropping down from rides with towering drops. A perfect experience for all thrill-seekers who enjoy the rush of the speed and falling. Finally, you can end the day on the lazy river, watching performances that feature famous Disney and Nickelodeon characters. And, if you are feeling a little hungry, you can satisfy your belly in one of many restaurants in the water park.

Do not waste another minute!

Hopefully, this selection of attractions will only strengthen your resolve to come to Gulfport. Do not waste another moment, and start getting ready for the relocation. Going with an experienced moving company like will make the whole move look like a vacation, which is the entire point at the end of the day!
A word of advice for the end

A word of advice for the end

Before we part our ways, let me tell you that visiting Mississippi for the first time will be an experience to remember. If you are in the mood for some story-telling, take some time and share your thoughts with others! Your story might be someone’s inspiration to visit this amazing place!

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